I am an electronics engineer. I currently work at Mediatek Wireless in the UK as a Senior RFIC Design Engineer. I worked at Analog Devices, Ireland as an IC design engineer for a while. I worked on mmwave buffers at 80GHz and 40GHz for automotive radar for the first six months. Then they shut down the project and I was shuttled to something I was not really interested in. I had enough and decided to leave and moved to England to join Mediatek.

I worked with Cadence Design Systems in their IPG group from 2014-2017, developing phase locked loops for their SerDes.

I am particularly fond of analog and mixed signal design.

I like reading, and I used to read a lot [back when I was in my undergraduate university, where the academic load wasn’t much, and I could easily sail through with a couple of hours of studying every day]. Among the genres of books that are closest to my heart, fiction tops the list. Followed by biographies. I have a few books on ‘essays’. I particularly liked Amartya Sen’s ‘Argumentative Indian’ and Amitav Ghosh’s collection of essays on climate change.

I am from Kolkata, a rapidly expanding metro of India. I moved to Bangalore in 2014 for my job. I completed my masters in Electrical Engineering from KU Leuven with a Magna cum laude in 2019. I moved to Ireland to join Analog Devices in Limerick.

LinkedIn Profile Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vivek-roy-a6749430/