Random Musings

Using thermal cameras for detecting water leaks

I came across a nice article where they talked about using thermal cameras for detecting water leaks. It instantly reminded me of the project I did as part of a course called Multimedia Technology and Coding. I was given to write an paper on thermal camera and how to use it to detect faults in thermal insulation. There was another part as well where we had to decide on what standards to choose to store the images.

Anyway, this article published in Electronics for you talks about using thermal cameras to detect faults in a swimming pool plumbing system. Typically, they would have needed to dig the entire pavement around to find which pipe was leaking. But instead they used a thermal camera find faults in the water plumbing. The sun heated up the pavements but water having a higher specific heat capacity caused some parts of it to remain slightly cooler. Using the contrast they could find the faults.

Nice use of thermal cameras.


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