Journey to Leuven, and life so far

So I am here in Leuven, Belgium, pursuing my masters in Electrical Engineering in the more than 500 years old university. And I don’t want to gloat, but the Electrical Engineering department of KU Leuven is one of the best in the world. But to be honest, the course-work and projects are extremely demanding. They require not only a thorough understanding of the material, but also expect the students to be independent in this pursuit. We just have only one examination per semester. But the exam is not like any other exam. KU Leuven has what is called the oral exam. You will be given two hours to prepare the solution of 3-4 questions, and then you need to discuss the answer with the professor. The professor will ask questions regarding the solution (it needs to be defended with logic) as well from other topics. I think it is one of the toughest forms of examination.

I also experienced my first snow today. It was in the middle of the DSP project class. I could not resist going out in the snow. It was nice, but I thought it will snow long enough so that I can make snow balls. Naah. The temperature wasn’t that cold either. A mere -1 degrees centigrade. But I do hope I get to play with snow balls.

Life here is nice. But I do miss home. Back in India, I always felt I was in control of everything. I sometimes feel extremely overwhelmed here. Its just not the coursework. I don’t know, but sometimes when I am all alone in my room, there is the feeling of emptiness.

But otherwise, its fun to be here! I am learning a lot. I finally learned impedance matching. (the professors in my Bachelors university never really explained it well enough). But now I understand it well.